Looking to impress your special someone this Valentine’s Day? Learn how to cook them the *perfect* steaks!

For this recipe, we utilized grass-fed filet mignon from Hunter Cattle Company. This cooking method can be applied to many other cuts of meat as well – visit the Fresh Harvest shop to see beef cuts currently available. This recipe pairs perfectly with our Decadent Mashed Potatoes recipe.

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How to cook a great steak, locally delivered by Fresh Harvest

How to Cook a Great Steak

by Ollie Honderd

Prep/active time: 30 minutes
Serves: 2



  1. Thaw steak in the fridge for 1-2 days prior to cooking.
  2. Remove steak from packaging and pat dry with a paper towel. Salt and pepper all sides generously.
  3. Use your best 12” frying pan over your biggest burner. Turn on your exhaust fan (it’s about to get a little smokey!).
  4. Pat steaks dry again! You want to make sure steaks are as dry as possible, which will prevent oil splatter and maximize browning.
  5. Turn heat on high. Let it get very hot!!
  6. Add 2 Tbsp grapeseed oil to pan. Swirl the oil carefully then add steaks.
  7. Cook for 3-4 minutes, swirling pan occasionally to ensure oil & fat are getting all sides of the steak.
  8. Flip and cook on the second side for an additional 3 minutes, until steak reaches an internal temperature of 120 degrees.
  9. Remove from heat, let rest for 10 minutes with tented foil over the top.
  10. Slice steak and top with butter if desired.


  • Use this recipe as a guide.
  • Adjust measurements and ingredients as necessary.
  • Taste test as you go.
  • Have fun in the kitchen!

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