Fresh Harvest has been committed to sustainable packaging since Day 1

Since 2012, reusable packaging has been a pillar of the Fresh Harvest ethos and experience. We are proud to have served our customers with reusable bins since Day 1. And over the years we have continued to innovate and improve our packaging – always working to reduce our environmental footprint. 

We are working hard to partner with our customers to send zero waste to the landfill and are inching closer with each packaging upgrade. Check out our quick and handy guide below What to do with the packaging in my Fresh Harvest delivery

We partner with CompostNow to help customers properly dispose of the commercially compostable containers used for some of our prepared foods. Customers can return their bins with these packaging items inside and Fresh Harvest will compost them in partnership with CompostNow.

Reusable Packaging Still in Rotation

While we’ve added new green Fresh Harvest bins as our customer base has expanded, our original bins are still in rotation – that’s 9 years in service and counting! Each week, customers’ bins are picked up by our team along with the ice packs and insulating foil, then washed and reused for the next delivery. With around 4,000 deliveries each week, that’s 4,000 fewer cardboard boxes, ice packs and insulating foils filling up our recycling centers and landfills.

The original Fresh Harvest bin. Introduced in 2012, still in circulation today!

Our newest Fresh Harvest reusable ice packs include our logo and helpful instructions. Ice packs and foil should be returned in your Fresh Harvest bin each week.

Our fresh green bins joined the lineup in 2020.

New! Compostable Packaging

We are working hard to phase out the use of plastics and non-recyclable items and have made many strides in the last few months while also being conscious to maximize the longevity of our fresh produce. We recently introduced 100% Home Compostable produce bags, which customers can compost at home or return with their bin for us to compost with our new partner CompostNow. Fresh Harvest customers can now also return any commercially compostable packaging items in their bin!

Commercially compostable packaging items can now be returned with your bin and Fresh Harvest will compost them for customers through our partner, CompostNow.

Please note that Fresh Harvest cannot accept food waste for composting.

Don't forget your recyclables!

We are working hard to increase the amount of returnable and compostable packaging, but we are not perfect! All paper, plastic containers, glass or other recyclable items from your Fresh Harvest bin should be recycled with your municipality or at your local recycling center. 

If some of these items aren’t able to be recycled at home, take a trip to the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHARM) in Atlanta or book a pickup time if you live within their pickup radius!

Our Customers Make Reusable Packaging Possible

Our reusable packaging wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers who put out their bins each week so we can reuse them once again. We recognize it is easier for a customer to order groceries from far away that show up on their doorstep within an hour in a cardboard box, which they can then toss. Instead, our customers are participating in a system where their convenience (grocery delivery) is actually contributing to a cleaner planet.