Since 2015, the Fresh Harvest team has been sharing produce with our neighbors in need through subsidized weekly markets. These markets are supported by Fresh Harvest and through the generosity of our customers.

Share the Harvest has grown from Fresh Harvest employees taking weekly baskets to fifteen Clarkston families to a weekly market, ongoing donations to local food distribution organizations and continuing to feed our Clarkston neighbors with weekly produce baskets delivered directly to families. In 2021, Fresh Harvest and our generous community distributed over $130,000 of local food through these channels.


What is Share the Harvest?

Clarkston is a refugee resettlement town and has been called the most diverse square mile in America. Located and living here, job creation has become a large part of who we are, as refugees make up the majority of the Fresh Harvest team. We want to ensure the amazing produce that passes through our hands doesn’t bypass our neighbors. That sense of responsibility is what started our weekly Share the Harvest Market in the heart of Clarkston.

What started as sharing with a few specific families in need is now a subsidized market selling the same local, organic produce you receive in your baskets at a level that makes it fully accessible to those around us. Finances, transportation, and language barriers are no longer obstacles to healthy food options for these families.

Not only has the weekly market grown to include refugee growers and sellers, but the Share the Harvest Program has also expanded to include partnering with after school programs, horticultural field trips, and an internship program.


Four Ways to Support Share the Harvest

1) Order a Fresh Harvest basket. A portion of the revenue from each basket goes toward supporting the markets.

2) Choose and donate a dollar amount to Share the Harvest along with your next basket. Under Manage Orders, click Donate and this pop-up will appear:

You can add a one-time monetary donation or set it recurring for all future orders.

3) Instead of skipping your basket, choose to donate it to Share the Harvest! Under Manage Orders, click Donate and this pop-up will appear:

Click Donate My Order and the dollar amount of that week’s order will go toward our Share the Harvest markets.

AND, last but certainly not least:

4) Tell a Friend about Fresh Harvest! For every customer that signs up in October of 2022, Fresh Harvest will give $50 to the Share the Harvest Market.