Goat Lady Dairy
Goat Lady Dairy
Goat Lady Dairy handcrafts over 100,000 lbs of cheese per year with only six employees. Fresh goat and cow milk for GLD cheese comes from three nearby family dairy farms: Lindale Organic Dairy in Snow Camp, Williams Dairy in Liberty, and Holly Grove Farms in Mount Olive. This unique partnership helps ensure success for these four NC dairy farm families in this time when many small dairy farms have gone out of business.

Goat Lady Dairy has a long-standing history of award-winning cheese gaining recognition from the American Cheese Society and Good Food Awards. What makes Goat Lady Dairy cheese special is handcrafted care and attention throughout the entire process from land to animals to cheese. GLD and its partner farms work together to keep animals happy, produce exceptional milk, and craft delicious cheese. Caring for the land is a tradition that started with ‘The Goat Lady’ herself, Ginnie Tate.

Ginnie founded Goat Lady Dairy in 1995 with her brother Steve Tate and his wife, Lee.
Ginnie was passionate about food, land, and especially goats. Ginnie, Steve, and Lee knew just how infectious this passion was so they were eager to share it with anyone who would listen. The Goat Lady’s cheese was immediately recognized at local farmers’ markets and quickly received awards. Ginnie also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Conservation Trust for North Carolina in 2009 for her commitment to the land.
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