Piedmont BBQ Co.
Spreading the love of Carolina-style barbeque
Piedmont BBQ Co.
Spreading the love of Carolina-style barbeque
As a NC-native, Piedmont BBQ Co. founder, Brad Coolidge, frequented Greensboro BBQ staples like Country BBQ and Stamey’s. Later, while working in Lexington, Brad also became a “regular” at local barbeque spots like Lexington BBQ (known by the locals as the “Honeymonk” or “The Monk) where he discovered his true inspiration of the Piedmont region of Carolina-style barbeque.

In 2011, Brad moved to Atlanta for work where he was determined to find a barbeque restaurant that offered the Carolina flavor that he craved. He realized quickly that there was a big opportunity to bring top-notch Piedmont-style barbeque to Atlanta.

Brad launched his own barbeque kitchen, Piedmont BBQ Co., in 2015 with the mission to spread his love of Carolina barbeque all over town. He began catering many corporate events, weddings, and even backyard barbeques, and had personal gratification when someone experienced his hometown barbeque for the first time.

As a father of three children under five years, Brad took a small hiatus when his children were born. During that busy time, he realized how much easier life could be if he started creating already cooked, frozen selections that could be ready in 15 minutes.

In 2020, he relaunched Piedmont Barbeque Co. and officially found a home in a brand new commercial kitchen at PREP Atlanta. He re-explored some of the meals he created during his hiatus and decided to expand his products to more meats, soups and sides that could easily be reheated, proving out the concept via weekends at farmers markets throughout GA. They enjoyed introducing Georgians to Carolina barbeque and their other meats, chilis, soups and sides that were quickly becoming just as popular as their signature Carolina pulled pork.

Piedmont BBQ Co. continues to be known for its locally-sourced, Carolina-style pulled pork and coincidentally, its vegan lentil stew that has become a vegan-lovers dream!
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