We were discussing as a team recently the reason for pricing differences between organic and conventional produce. Joe Spiccia, who works directly with our farmers and artisans, summed it up and I couldn’t have said it better myself:
A friend recently proposed that “Maybe we should stop asking why organic produce is so expensive, and start asking why conventional food is so cheap.”
The summer is hot, often wet; plants are prone to disease, weeds take on monstrous proportions and bugs are out in force. Our organic farmers could have chosen the conventional route, spraying chemical herbicides and ecosystem-crippling pesticides on genetically modified seeds. These are all cheap solutions that make for great short-term gains and an easier life. But our farmers choose the bugs and the weeds because they hold a vision for a future free from food-borne chemicals, one in which the earth is left revitalized rather than ruined.
THAT is a costly task…well worth every penny.
Garry from Hickory Hill Farm flame weeding
Jess from Row by Rowe manually prepping beds

Veggie Notes for this week

First round of summer green beans in from Signal Mt!

Candy Apple Onions from Fry Farm can be your dessert sub this week.

Peppers and Tomatoes galore! Bell, hot, and frying peppers… Slicer, heirloom, and cherry tomatoes. Take your pick and rack up!

Keeping the international flare wtih Italian and Asian Eggplant varieties, both GA grown!

A quick look at this week’s harvest! Find more in the shop:
Signal Mt. Farm | Green Beans, Red Lasoda Potatoes, Basil
Rodgers’ Greens and Roots | Globe Onions, Eggplant, Guardsman Scallions
Woodland Gardens | EggplantCherry Tomato MedleyBeefsteak Tomatoes
Hickory Hill | Jalapenos, Slicer Tomatoes, Tomatillos
Fry Farm | Purple Sun Potatoes, Candy Apple Onions
Rise N Shine | Bi-color Corn, Slicer Tomatoes
Canewater Farm | Frying Pepper Medley, Jalapenos, Asian Eggplant Medley
Buffalo Creek Berry Farm | Blueberries
Fresh Harvest Garden | Cherry TomatoesCucumbersBell PeppersRoselle