Meal Prep


The Low Prep Meal Strategy


Casey and Sara spend much of their time traveling the country in an Airstream with their little boy Rhodes and a dog named Beans. Their meal prep strategy requires some up front work, but reduces waste, and overall time spent meal prepping,

“If you get to dinner time and stuff has already been cooked, it changes everything.”


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When Comfort Food is Local and Seasonal…

Photo by Bon Appetit


Grab some sweet potatoes from Rise N’ Shine, thai chilis from the FH garden, and honey from GA Honey Farm to make these twice-roast sweet potatoes with hot honey.

It’s getting cold, but tomatoes are still in season, which means… homemade tomato soup!

Add Easter Egg Radishes to your basket and grab a steak to make grilled steak and radishes with black pepper butter.

Not sure how to use delicata squash? Try using it as a serving tool for your favorite stir fry.