In 2023 Fresh Harvest made and published 45 new videos. So, without further ado, here were your top 5 customer favorites of the year!


Number 5: Our Favorite Fruits and Veggies

This was a fun one. Get to know some of our team members and what they like to eat!


Number 4: On Becoming a Pig Farmer

Organic produce farmer Ashley Rodgers (Rodger’s Greens and Roots Farm) decided to venture into Meishan pig farming in early 2023. We were able to capture the early stages and her thoughts on becoming a pig farmer.


Number 3:

Four Bellies Farm: Renewing Georgia’s Land with Livestock

Learn more about the benefits of rotational grazing from the perspective of Farmer Melissa Nisbet of Four Bellies Farm.


Number 2: Composting in Georgia with CompostNow

Soil Slinger Taylor takes us on a tour of CompostNow’s composting facility here in Georgia, explaining the steps in the process and what happens to your composted materials and food scraps.

Number 1: Interview with a Chicken

Remember the Great Egg Inflation of ’22-23? In this hard-nosed exposé, Fresh Harvest Content Director Joe interviews T-Rex the hen about her perspective on that intolerable situation and her experience as a layer at Wauka Meadows Farm.


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