This Spring, Fresh Harvest and The Spindle joined up for a ride through East Atlanta.

Our ride was about bringing the local food and cycling communities in Atlanta together.  We share one important thing in common – intentional proximity.  It’s essential to each community to live, work, and eat in a defined geographic space.  There is no ‘commuter cycling’ without a workplace close(ish) to your house.  There is no ‘local food movement’ without farms down the road growing food for us.

With that in mind, we hopped on our bikes in Midtown and made the 10 mile ride east to the Fresh Harvest garden in Clarkston.  While there, we had some brews from Wicked Weed and bites from our friend Chef Gizzy.  We gave a tour of our humble garden highlighting the mushroom logs, chickens, and bees.

We were grateful for the chance to share our vision for the space: that it become a demonstration garden creating community and jobs while educating our customers on sustainable growing methods.  Located just off The Path we hope to see cyclists stop in often to volunteer or just hang by the pond.

Much thanks to everyone who participated!