Last night, at the Plywood People  Mentor Dinner I was talking with someone in the early stages of starting a business. “What’s the first thing you did after the idea for Fresh Harvest was birthed?” they asked. “Try to get customers”, I responded.

We didn’t have perfect packaging. We didn’t settle on a magically hip logo. We didn’t sign contracts with farmers to grow items for us. We just started telling people.

Whether you’ve been here since the first week we delivered in 2012, or you’re looking forward to your first basket next week, we want you to know two things:

1) Thank you! Your “grocery bill” is so much more than that now (and the 23 people that work here think you’re really cool).

2) We know we are never done perfecting our idea

Want to impress your family this Thanksgiving?

A turkey from White Oak Pastures is the way to do it.  These birds average around 10 lbs & roam White Oak’s certified organic farm freely for the entirety of their lives. No grains, hormone implants, or antibiotics have ever been given to them.

This year’s varieties include: broad breasted bronze, auburn, and black turkeys.  We’re only accepting pre-orders until November 3rd, so you’ll have to act fast.  The turkey will be delivered alongside your normal basket on the week of November 20th (arriving before Thanksgiving Day).