It’s easy to get “lost in the weeds” talking about individual fruits and vegetables, so we decided to introduce our organic farm partners from a higher level perspective. Hundreds of feet higher to be specific.

Summertime in the South is an especially difficult season to be on the ground, toiling in the hot sun or unexpected thunder storms. Despite the weather, bugs and weeds, many of our farmers are out in the fields at this very moment laboring for the food that fuels us. So as we admire the beauty of what they’ve built, we also remember to appreciate the struggle these men and women endure for our benefit. Check the bottom of this post to see how you can encourage one of these farmers!


Fry Farm, Bethlehem GA: Matt and Vicky

Matt and his mother Vicky love experimenting with unique varieties of vegetables. Stay tuned for their luffa gourds coming to baskets again soon! Watch this video and Read more about Fry Farm…


Hickory Hill Farm, Comer GA: Garry, Susan, Josh and Jennifer

This farm has been in the family since 1852. It was awarded to Susan’s ancestor as a reward for his service in the revolutionary war. Garry and Susan plan to pass it on to the next generation, Josh and Jennifer, when they retire. Check out the full interview.


Woodland Gardens, Winterville GA: Celia

Woodland is one of our first farm partners, consistently providing beautiful produce grown both in the field and under tunnels. Interestingly enough, the farm is located close to the Athens-Ben Epps Airport and as a result, the drone was restricted from flying any higher than this photo was taken!


Rise ‘n Shine Farm, Calhoun GA: Mitch

Mitch’s farm backs up to the Oostanaula River, making his land uniquely fertile. Rise ‘n Shine is one of our larger farm partners with about 30 acres of cultivated land. Meet Mitch in this quick video.


Signal Mountain Farm, Signal Mtn TN: Thomas

Thomas is the king of the heirloom tomato. He’s the type of farmer that goes hard all year until the winter, when he travels to new exotic places and gathers more agricultural knowledge. Oh, and his land happens to be nestled on top of a breathtakingly beautiful mountain. Check out this fun video to learn more about Thomas


Wauka Meadows, Clermont GA: Nick

Nick is the egg man. Every egg you’ve received from Fresh Harvest has come from chickens raised in his pastures. Watch this video for more about Nick’s story.


Fresh Harvest Garden, Clarkston GA: Cody & Alison

The FH garden is only a five minute drive from our office, and if you stop by there’s a good chance you’ll see Cody in the field or tending to the chickens or bees. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at the events page to learn more!


Rodgers Greens & Roots Farm, Douglasville GA: Ashley

Rodgers Greens & Roots Farm is located on the bank of the Chattahoochee River south of Atlanta. The fog rolls in just about every morning, making Ashley’s farm one of the most picturesque if you can get there early enough. Read more about Ashley and her farm…


Starting from Scratch

Row by Rowe, Luthersville GA: Josh and Jess

This husband and wife team farm on family land near Newnan. Both have been working in agriculture for years, but starting Row by Rowe in 2018 was their first experience in owning a farm. Here’s the full story


White Oak Pastures, Bluffton GA: Will

This photo does not begin to show the extent of White Oak’s territory. Will Harris inherited the family farm and has since transformed it into a completely regenerative operation. Walking through the small town of Bluffton, it’s difficult to know where the town ends and the farm begins.


Courtesy of Alex Holt

Canewater Farm, Darian GA: Rafe & Ansley

Located close to Savannah, you may have recognized Canewater on the Mashama Bailey episode of Netflix series Chef’s Table. There is a noticeable soil difference here due to the coastal sand in which their vegetables grow.


Crystal Organic Farm, Newborn GA: Nicolas & Jeni

One of our newer partners, the farm got its name back in 1996 from the abundance of quartz crystals in the soil. Nowadays, this pioneer of Southeastern organic farms grows most of its produce under high tunnels (as pictured above). Also, Nicolas is Belgian and speaks fluent French.


Dayspring Farm, Danielsville GA: Murray and Nathan

This father-son team grows an abundance of organic grains including wheat and corn as well as dried peas for Fresh Harvest and some of the best restaurants in Atlanta. They stone mill their grains on-site in the old fashioned way.


Big Branch Valley Farm, Blairsville GA: Sarah and Alex

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, Sarah and Alex can get somewhat cooler weather than other GA farms. They’ve also caught hungry black bears raiding their fields for produce. That’s how you know it’s good!


Front Field Farm, Winterville GA: Jacqui and Alex

This beautiful farm near Athens is the source of most of the fresh cut flowers that have been filling Fresh Harvest baskets.


We hope this tour inspires connection between our amazing farm partners and Fresh Harvest customers. Check your basket this week and next (8/12-8/23) for a blank card meant to serve as an opportunity to encourage a farmer. Just circle your farm of choice on the back, write or draw an encouraging note on the front, then drop it in your empty bin. We love delivering these notes directly to our farmers, but you can also take an encouraging photo or video on social and tag FH and your farmer!