We recently wrote a blog post about the notion that the healthier a person’s diet, the more food they throw in the trash:

“We know this doesn’t mean we need to trade our veggies for Hot Takis…hopefully that doesn’t need further explanation.  But it does mean it’s worth reflecting on the fact that those of us with a healthier diet are wasting more food.”

Most people don’t want to waste food, but life gets hectic and things can get crazy. We were inspired to pull together some creative tips on how to reduce food and veggie waste at home, featuring our 4 favorite kitchen tools! It’s only right to say that we’re not sponsored or compensated by any of these brands. We’re just happy customers that want to share with you!

The Instant Pot

To start, we featured the ever popular Instant Pot as used by Cody and Alison, our garden managers. Given that they have access to the freshest food around, I was excited to learn some of their tricks to using tons of veggies.

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The Slow Cooker


You might be wondering why we’d tout the slow cooker as an effective way to use more produce and reduce waste. After all, it is pretty slow. Ironically, the disproportionate amount of passive cooking time is what makes it such a helpful tool! With this useful kitchen implement, there’s very little culinary attention required once the ingredients go into the pot.

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The Dehydrator


For our up close look at how to use a dehydrator, we did an interview with a customer who shares her tricks ranging from fruit leathers to dried hot peppers!

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The Vitamix


We saved the best for last, and Joe confessed his undying love for his Vitamix, “I know this probably seems dramatic, but aside from my car, the Vitamix is the single most life-impacting tool I own. To avoid sounding like an obsessive weirdo, I’ve had to learn to downplay my feelings about this little machine whenever I mention it to my friends.”

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