We headed out to Arnoldsville, GA in June to meet up with Paul and Lindsey Sorah, who started Hearts of Harvest Farm with their partner Mark Golden in 2017.

Paul and Lindsley were living in Decatur when they took a leap of faith and purchased land in Arnoldsville, just a few miles outside of Athens. While the move from Decatur to a small town like Arnoldsville may seem like a big change, the proximity to Athens was also a big draw. As musicians, they were particularly attracted to the area’s vibrant music scene.

Visiting Lindsay and Paul Sorah at Hearts of Harvest Farm in Arnoldsville, GA

They started with just two acres in 2018 and over four seasons have expanded to eight acres. They recently purchased another 100 acres around the corner from their current property which will enable them to expand even further over the coming seasons.

They cultivate a variety of mushrooms at Hearts of Harvest Farm

As the operation has scaled, they’ve grown their team to ten farmers working the fields alongside them. Many of their employees come to them from the University of Georgia School of Agriculture, just down the road. Lindsey and Paul credit their lack of turnover to good wages, team chemistry, and consistently showing appreciation to their team. Earlier in June, chefs from Atlas Restaurant (one of their Atlanta restaurant customers) came out and prepared a multicourse meal for the team. It’s events like these that allow their team to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Harvest flowers at Hearts of Harvest Farm

They grow a wide variety of vegetables, cut flowers, mushrooms and microgreens, which they sell at markets, to restaurants, and to Fresh Harvest.

With their recent land purchase, Hearts of Harvest is currently in expansion mode. This new land will enable them to increase production significantly and grow crops specifically for Fresh Harvest customers! We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Hearts of Harvest and bring their beautiful produce and flowers to customers across Atlanta and Athens.

Hearts of Harvest grows a variety of vegetables, cut flowers, mushrooms and microgreens

Currently, you can find Hearts of Harvest in your Fresh Harvest basket, the Athens Farmers Market, Peachtree Road Farmers Market, and at some of your favorite high end restaurants in both Atlanta and Athens.

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