2018 marks 5 years of Fresh Harvest serving Greater Atlanta!   Whether you’ve been around from the beginning or just got your first basket, we’d love to highlight a few things that have made us different since day one…

Our Connection with Local, Organic Farms

We love shaking hands with the same Georgia Farmers every week who use sustainable growing practices to ensure the land is enriched and not depleted.  They help us keep the process simple, which increases transparency.  They literally walk out in the field, tell us what is growing, and harvest and deliver the next week!

This model ensures we have zero food waste (we hold no inventory) and you receive incredibly fresh produce harvested within a day or two while supporting local farms.

Greater Atlanta Deliveries Only

Food delivery has evolved dramatically in the last 5 years and has seemingly become the norm.  While most companies ship food around the country, we are committed to building a local, ethical food hub in Greater Atlanta.  This is a testament to our vision for creating community around food and supporting local sustainable agriculture.

The Fresh Harvest Garden

With our garden space in Clarkston, we’re not only the distributor of your food – we’re one of the growers as well.  Our garden opens up opportunities for customers to attend farm dinners, cooking demonstrations, and volunteer events to build community.

Based in Clarkston, a refugee resettlement town, job creation has become a big part of who we are.  Of the 24 people who work at Fresh Harvest, 10 are refugees who were resettled form countries all over the world.  We host our weekly Share the Harvest Market in Clarkston that you support simply by being a FH Customer!