Chanterelles, known as “queen of wild mushrooms”, are great to make chips, sautee or preserve.


Quick Tips

  • Sautee them with butter to feature them in any meal.
  • Cut them as thinly as possible, brush with butter and broil to make chanterelle chips.
  • Season and sautee them and serve on toast.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike many other mushrooms, chanterelles become chewy and not quite as flavorful when dried, so this isn’t a common use.
  • Chanterelles are good for your immune system, packed with Vitamins B and D.
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Storage Info

35º F (in your refrigerator)

  • Store in paper rather than plastic in the refrigerator.
  • As with all produce, some form of rinsing is recommended. Consider gently wiping with a paper towel, to preserve flavor and structure.
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Foraged Chanterelles

“Chanterelles are one of the most expensive mushroom varieties out there. Once you try them, you’ll understand why a little goes a long way. Even the smallest quantity will make an impact to a meal whether sauteed on the side, or served on top of grains. Whatever you do, prepare them so you can savor them!”


Foraged Chanterelle Mushrooms

Good to know…

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