You may have noticed the recent promotion from Wauka Meadows farm on the price of a dozen eggs. While it may seem like “business as usual”, we wanted to stop and celebrate the bigger success behind this temporary discount.  

Thanks to you guys, the ‘early adopters’, Nick is providing more and more eggs for us. It’s a win, because now he can offer us a lower price and we can pass that savings on to you.  And lower prices mean we can sell more of Nick’s eggs which continues to help him grow.

Many of you know and support Nick Ball, owner of Wauka Meadows Farm. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, here’s a few fun facts about Nick and those eggs:

  • Nick has supplied our eggs and some of our meat from day one. We love supporting Nick because he goes the extra mile to do things the right way. About a year ago, when he ran out of feed, he chose to drive 2 states over to get the right feed – a decision anyone looking to cut corners would surely not make.
  • Nick’s hens are truly pastured rather than just “free range”. The difference is that while free range hens have access to outdoors, there is no guarantee they ever leave the chicken coop. On Nick’s farm, his hens only go back on the egg-mobile at night for safety. But during the day they roam the pasture.
  • It’s this truly pastured approach that gives those eggs their dark yellow, almost orange yolk.

Wauka Meadows Farm


While the industry status quo is that retailers cut prices and farmers suffer for it, we believe this is how it should happen. When we first met Nick, he was doing construction part time to pay the bills. Now, thanks to your continued support, he’s been able to expand his North GA farm and create a more sustainable model.