Our country owes so much of the credit for its culinary riches to the influence and legacy of Black growers and producers. From the varieties of produce grown in America, to the recipes and cooking styles, and even down to the familial culture around eating, African-American influence is at the heart of this country’s food story. At Fresh Harvest we are fortunate to work with some of the best local producers in the nation, many of whom are Black and people of color.

During this Black History Month we are especially proud to highlight a few of our amazingly talented and passionate partners of color. While by no means close to an exhaustive list, we hope the following highlights serve to spark a connection and appreciation for some of the diverse members of our ethical Georgia food community. Many readers will already be familiar with at least some of the producers below, but keep reading to learn more about these individuals and how you can get a taste of their work not only during Black History Month but all year long!


West Georgia Farmers Cooperative

Darrell Copeland, President of the WGFC Board of Directors

Founded in 1966, West Georgia Farmers’ Cooperative (WGFC) traditionally consisted of local black farmers. Over the past 50+ years, it has grown in its mission to build opportunities through local food systems and wealth through cooperative economics. The current Board president, Darrell Copeland has been instrumental in sharing this good food with Fresh Harvest, and we’re so thankful! Beginning in 2020, Fresh Harvest has been enriched by our weekly partnership with WGFC, which has included sweet potatoes, beets, peas, and red potatoes by the trailer load.

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Heavenly Cakes by Pharez

Owner Pharez Roberson

Atlanta’s Heavenly Cakes by Pharez was founded by Pharez Roberson out of a lifelong love of baking and some unfortunate tummy troubles. When he identified the source of his longterm dietary dilemma as an intolerance to gluten, he set out to make something gluten free that he would enjoy. Turns out he wasn’t the only one who loved his baking. Watch this short video to learn more about his journey and celebrate with us during this Black History Month!

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Anna Bell’s Mac

Founder Kevin Mobley and his grandmother, Anna Bell

If you haven’t tried Kevin Mobley’s mac ‘n cheese, you need to stop reading and add a pound or two to your next farm fresh delivery from Fresh Harvest. The smoked silkiness of the noodles paired with aged cheddar is an homage to Great Grandma Anna Bell’s original mac ‘n cheese, which she passed to her great grandson, Kevin, the now founder of Anna Bell’s Mac. Follow the link to learn more about Kevin’s story and the fascinating history of mac & cheese in America.

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Portrait Coffee

The Portrait crew, clockwise from top left: Khalid Smith, DJ Thomas, Aaron Fender & Kayla Scott

Aaron Fender, Marcus Hollinger and John Onwuchekwa started Portrait in part to bring to light the forgotten origins of coffee as an African discovery. Their team is dedicated to making delicious and thoughtfully sourced coffee while investing in the flourishing of Atlanta’s West End neighborhood. We’re excited to partner with this amazing company and we celebrate the work they’re doing this Black History Month and all year long!

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Caribe United Farm

Farmer/Owners Gabriel & Tamita

Gabriel, a native of Puerto Rico, met his now wife and farm partner Tamita, a self-described Jamaican country girl, while at the University of the West Indies. They fell in love, got married, and moved to Crawford, Georgia where they started their own Caribbean style farm. The couple pasture raises pork and poultry using traditional methodologies. We stand behind their high integrity practices and top quality offerings, knowing they bring only the best to the table each week.

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V Taste Cakes

VTaste Cakes founder Jasmyn Daniels

VTaste Cakes founder Jasmyn Reddicks learned to bake from her grandmother when she was a little girl. After completing dual studies in Food Science and Marketing at the University of Georgia she has transformed her grandmother’s traditional recipes into equally delicious vegan cupcakes and muffins. With a huge lineup of weekly rotating cupcakes available like Lavender Vanilla, Key Lime Pie, and Caramel Pumpkin Spice, Vtaste’s partnership with Fresh Harvest has been pretty sweet to say the least.

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Barlow’s Foods

Barlow’s Foods Founder Tiffani Neal with a Stack of Her Pancakes

Tiffani Neal spent many of her early years creating recipes in her family’s kitchen. From early on, she set out with the goal of making a convenient packaged pancake and waffle mix without all the junky ingredients, and has since won multiple awards for her delicious mixes and syrups! She named her company after her grandpa Barlow, a hard working farmer and Army veteran who also loved a good breakfast! Bring your first meals up a notch with Barlow’s!

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