The Fresh Harvest Customer Service team is at the tip of the spear ensuring customers continue to have the best experience possible by getting the most value out of their food. Even if you don’t recognize the faces in these photos, you’ve more than likely exchanged emails or spoken over the phone with the lovely people of the CS team. And they’ve developed something of an obsession with you. It should be noted at the outset that the team of three is really into felines and has been known to internally refer to all of you as their beloved “catstomers.” Sorry dog lovers!

To help our customers put a face behind the emails and phone calls, we sat down with newly appointed Customer Service team leader, Arleena Burnett, and her dynamic CS team members Betani King and Jeremy Reese to get to know them a little better.

The CS Team: Jeremy, Betani, and Arleena (Left to Right)

What is something unique you wish Fresh Harvest customers knew about you?

Jeremy: I love to play the ukulele! I’ve been playing for four or five years.

Arleena: I like video games, music, and art festivals. Of course I love being with my friends and family. And I love going on different adventures every day. Many days when I get done with work, I’ll Google a new park to visit and go check it out.

Betani: I try to jam-pack each day with as many fun & random things as I possibly can, like cartwheeling to the mailbox, jumping on the bed before I make it each morning, or transforming empty toilet-paper tubes into little creatures.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw, from Betani King’s Quotes to Live By.

Arleena, how would you describe your CS team?

Arleena: They’re passionate. They’re dedicated. Honestly, they’re the best team I’ve ever managed. They both really care about our customers, and they’re just hilarious. Jeremy is always hitting me with fun facts and Betani sends daily cat GIFs that are somehow always perfect for the moment. I’m super blessed to be a part of this team.

What was your favorite job before you worked at FH?

Jeremy: King of Pops! I used to sling pops, make sure people selling popsicles had enough to sell, and in the winter deliver trees as a Tree Elf named Evergreen!

Arleena: This is my first time working in a small business environment, and it’s clear there’s more of a customer focus than any of my past jobs. Before this job, I was watching people count money for a cash management company.

Betani: Working for a non-profit for a couple years as an instructor teaching low income individuals around Atlanta how to cook healthy meals on a tight budget was incredibly rewarding!

Arleena Burnett, FH Customer Service Team Lead

What’s something interesting that’s happened at work?

Arleena: Man, I think our monthly employee show-and-tells are the most interesting thing I’ve seen at Fresh Harvest so far! I’ve learned the basics of Dungeons and Dragons & I got to play catchphrase with the team!

Jeremy: I once sent an email meant for my coworker to a customer instead! I died a little on the inside.

Do you have a favorite part of your job?

Arleena: The human interaction has to be my favorite thing about working at Fresh Harvest. From the squad here at FH to our customer base, everyone is so humble and really believes in our mission.

Jeremy: I get to share notes of gratitude from our customers with other people here at Fresh Harvest!

Jeremy Reese: FH In-House Googler Extraordinaire

Is there anything in particular that customers have done or said that has really made your day?

Betani: Every single day we receive at least one email from a customer just reaching out to show their gratitude for FH. These emails are always so very touching and really make my day! I also LOVE it when customers send in pictures of their cats! Everyone on the CS team really loves cats!

Arleena: There are too many to count! I really appreciate when our customers write into the inbox and let us know that they enjoyed their basket or how FH has impacted their lives. It’s really nice to hear that we are making a difference.

Arleena hitting the inbox

How do you see your role contributing to Fresh Harvest’s mission of creating community among our neighbors through delivery of local, sustainably grown food?

Betani: I love assisting our wonderful group of customers who’re supporting their incredible organic farmers. We are all so lucky to be a part of this community!

FH Customer Service Values: Be Kind, Be Knowledgeable, Be Generous, Be Curious

Betani, what are you aiming for with excellent customer service?

Betani: My goal is to ensure that each & every customer knows & feels how valued they are as a member of the Fresh Harvest family. I hope my assistance inspires all our customers to continue seeing how much their support of local, organic farmers really matters!

At the end of a day, what makes it a good day for you?

Betani: Every night before I go to bed, I think of at least one thing that I was grateful for.

Arleena: Being outside with nature or being inside cooped up with a good video game. My answer could truly go either way. As long as I have breath in my body it’s a good day for me.

Jeremy: I’ve cooked myself a good, delicious home-made meal.

Next time you get on the phone or receive an email from Fresh Harvest, we hope you’ll think of this interview and remember our common goal as participants in a better, locally minded food system. Our team is grateful to our catstomers for sustaining this movement and to the CS team for playing this critical role with grace and intention.

Until our next call or email!