Want to know what food related media our team has been reading and watching?
Here’s our curated list of what inspired us most in 2022. We hope you enjoy these resources as much as we have!



The Next Thing You Eat

David Chang explores the not-so-distant future of food in this 6 episode series on Hulu, delving into food delivery, alternative meats, and technological advances that will change the landscape of food. Watch the trailer.



Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison

Author Deborah Madison reveals the surprising relationships between vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs, and how understanding these connections can help home cooks see everyday vegetables in a new light. Get the book.



What Does Grassfed Really Mean?

Pasture-Raised, Grassfed, Feedlot, Grain-Finished. What does it all mean? The team at Georgia’s White Oak Pastures breaks it all down for us in this straightforward blog post. Read more.



How I Built This, Chez Panisse with Alice Waters

Waters started Chez Panisse to focus on serving fresh, local ingredients. Just a few years later, the restaurant was named one of the best restaurants in America, and became one of the hottest locations for fine dining. Listen here.



One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka

According to Wendell Berry, “the book is valuable to us because it is at once practical and philosophical. It is an inspiring, necessary book about agriculture because it is not just about agriculture.” Get the book.



Chef’s Table

Whether you watch to be inspired by the beautiful footage or to learn more about the intersection of food and good stories, Chef’s Table has something for everyone. Be sure to check out Season 6 episode 1 on Georgia chef Mashama Bailey. Watch the trailer.



A Work in Progress by René Redzepi

This honest work from Michelin Star Chef René Redzepi takes readers behind the scenes at his award winning restaurant with personal accounts, recipes, and images. Get the book.



The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

According to investigative journalist Michael Pollan, what’s at stake in our eating choices is not only our own and our children’s health, but the health of the environment that sustains life on earth. Get the book.



Super Simple by Half Baked Harvest

Super Simple is the compendium for home cooks who are just starting out or pressed for time. It teaches the most important cooking basics and delivers sometimes good-for-you, always hassle-free meals without sacrificing taste. Cook this book.



Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community by Wendell Berry

In this powerful compilation of philosophical essays first published in 1993, Berry tackles some of the most difficult problems confronting us near the end of the twentieth century––problems we still face today. Get the book.


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