Your support is shaping our local food system in a massive way!

Farmers have a reliable sales outlet, small businesses are expanding, waste is diverted, and jobs are created. Here’s a closer look into the impact you had this year:

In 2021, Fresh Harvest sent zero lbs of food waste to the landfill! Through exact-to-order purchasing, community sharing and active composting, nothing goes to waste. Fresh Harvest replaced 560 lbs of plastic with compostable options.The Fresh Harvest community includes over 5000+ customers and friends, 34 farmers, 26 staff and 104 artisans. In addition, we delivered over 7,000 local bouquets in 2021.Fresh Harvest sent 30,570 free surprises to customers, including Montane's sparkling water. Fresh Harvest partner farmers harvested over 67,000 tomatoes in 2021!Over 105,000 seeds were planted at the Fresh Harvest garden in 2021. 68,426 heads of lettuce were delivered to customers in 2021.$130,000 was donated to our Share the Harvest program, providing 11,640 free produce baskets to over 320 families throughout Atlanta and Clarkston. 190,952 orders were delivered to Fresh Harvest customers in 2021.248,238 Fresh Harvest bins were returned and reused in 2021. $4.2 million was spent on local food in 2021 between our partner farmers and artisans.Through the support of Fresh Harvest customers, our partner farmers like Row by Rowe Farm have been able to grow their businesses in a sustainable way.The ongoing support of Fresh Harvest customers have enabled our partner artisans to grow their business, enabling Julia Kesler to expand her business Stop Think Chew from a shared kitchen space to their own brick and mortar cafe and kitchen.Thank you for supporting your local Atlanta farmers and artisans in 2021. Fresh Harvest is excited to continue to serve you in 2022!