In 2020, more than ever, our community recognized the importance of a local, sustainable food system. We were humbled & privileged to serve as a conduit between those in need–growers and consumers alike.

Old partnerships were rekindled & new relationships formed. We became an outlet for small-scale farms that primarily relied on restaurant sales to survive. Every week, growers had full confidence that their harvest had a home. In a year filled with so much fear & uncertainty, that was an invaluable gift to give.

Your ongoing support rewrote the narrative for so many lives in 2020–one of hope, compassion, and provision. Here’s a glimpse into that story.

Job Creation

We now have 17 amazing drivers who continue to overcome obstacles with perseverance and grace–from pandemics, icy roads, flat tires & 28 stolen catalytic converters.

Local farms delivered

Relationships with our partner farms have become so much deeper. Thomas, tomato grower extraordinaire, sent a text late one night while he was reading all of the handwritten notes from the FH community:

“Man, it’s hard to even explain how good it feels to read these! Might have teared up a bit. Your customers are so amazing and appreciative.”

local artisans delivered

These 39 partnerships represent over 254 new items over the last 12 months. Your ongoing support now impacts almost 100 local artisans.

Job creation

With over 80 people on staff currently, we’ve officially graduated from our small team status.  Over 75% of our team lives in the Clarkston area, representing more than 8 different countries & language groups.

Atlanta food delivery

In early 2020, food shortages throughout Georgia turned thousands to Fresh Harvest as a solution. It quickly became a balancing act between feeding our community & honoring the limits of our small-scale farmers & artisans.

On March 26, after accepting 870 new members the week before, we officially started a waitlist–rising to 4,487 people over the next 3 months.

Fresh Harvest donations

“Share the Harvest” is based on the idea of using our excess to support neighbors in need. Even in a year where so many were struggling, our community rallied together and gave more than ever before.

Atlanta produce delivery

Because of your generosity, we were able to partner with Concrete Jungle and Envision to provide fresh produce to nearly four thousand families in need throughout the pandemic.

Atlanta flower delivery

After a short trial run in 2019, we decided to go all-in with sustainably grown flowers in 2020. We had no idea how much of an impact that would make.

We received so many letters describing the joy & beauty that fresh bouquets brought to those in isolation.

Fresh Harvest Garden

Cody (Farm Manager, Fresh Harvest Garden)
“Despite a few challenges with pests early on, 2020 was the most productive spring and summer we’ve had to date. The garden produced over 17,500 lbs of produce, helping fill in gaps when food shortages hit the hardest.”

Home delivery organic produce

Zac (Owner, Fresh Harvest)
“I remember the first week we ever did deliveries in 2012.  We unsystematically packed 43 baskets, got locked out of the truck while running a basket to a front porch, finished super late at night after driving all over Georgia, and then came into the office the next day and thought, ‘Well, what do we do now?’  A lot has changed, but I still often come into the office with that question.”

Local eggs delivered

Nick “The Egg Man” (Wauka Meadows Farm)
“Our customers through Fresh Harvest have given us some security & stability in 2020. Knowing we have a growing demand for how we’re farming, we can further expand the farm to feed more of our local community.”

Dollars invested in local farms

Together, the Fresh Harvest community invested nearly four million dollars into Georgia’s local food system in 2020–nearly 3x the amount from the year before.

This number represents so many things–above all, hope. May we continue to cherish the connection we have between our land, the hands that feed us, and one another.

From our family to yours, thank you.