These are the opinions of your Atlanta neighbors and we hope they are beneficial as you plan for a healthier 2019!

Dayspring Farm, Danielsville GA

#1 “We just moved back home to the South after living in bountiful Oregon for 10 years, and weren’t very happy with the produce we were finding at the grocery stores in Atlanta. So we did a little research and signed up for this CSA — it has been a game-changer! We’ve been getting Fresh Harvest for about 6 months and each bin has been filled with quality, unique produce. We love that they let you customize each order, too!” – Laura S.

Fry Farm, Bethlehem GA

#2 “My family has been using Fresh Harvest for about three years. We live walking distance to a Whole Foods, Publix, and a Trader Joe’s and rarely find ourselves shopping at those corporate grocery stores. Why? We get fresh, local produce (and bread and rice and eggs and White Oak Pastures meats..) delivered to our DOORSTEP while supporting local farmers and Georgia economy. I love I can customize my basket each week and FH customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced. The few times I have been unhappy with an item, I find an extra something in my basket the next week. At this point, FH feels like family!” – Aaylor B.

Big Branch Valley Farm, Blairsville GA

#3 “We tried multiple meal/food delivery services and none of them ever felt right.  It was weird to see people on the west coast posting photos of the exact same meal I was making on the east coast. Also, the amount of packing material and waste produced was staggering. We have used Fresh Harvest for 6 months now and I can’t recommend it enough. You get fresh local produce and can easily add other items to your order. You aren’t locked into cooking a particular meal and each week provides just enough variety. We are eating and cooking with new fruits and vegetables we never would have bought before. It’s easy to skip a week if you’re out of town and they pick up and reuse/recycle all the packing materials. So glad I found these guys.” – Matt W.

#4 “Fresh Harvest is awesome. 1. It comes to my front door. All I have to do is open my door, walk to my kitchen and unload. It’s practically a miracle. 2. It comes on Wednesday, which is inevitably when I’ve run out of food from my weekend grocery store run and am debating just giving up on the whole vegetable thing and ordering pizza. 3. Thanks to Fresh Harvest, I’ve tried a lot of new veggies and found that almost everything tastes delicious with avo oil, garlic powder, onion powder, S&P. 4. They also let you customize if you just are feeling like a high maintenance basic bitch. (TBH It’s maybe my favorite part). 5. All the meats! 6. I could go on, but you really should just try it out.” – Cait H.

Fresh Harvest Garden, Clarkston GA

#5 “My partner and I have been using Fresh Harvest for over a year, and I can’t imagine ever stopping! It has totally transformed our lives and the way we eat. It is so much easier for us to be creative in the kitchen while utilizing mostly local and organic ingredients. If we ever have an issue or question, they respond right away. In addition, you can add on as many extra items that you want to your basket. We have saved money from not overbuying at the grocery store and wasting food. Fresh Harvest also hosts events for their customers and offer a great sense of community. If you were thinking about it – just do it! I am so happy we have a service like FH in Atlanta.” – Ashley F.

Woodland Gardens, Athens GA

#6 “I LOVE Fresh Harvest! We’ve been receiving weekly produce baskets for over 3 years now. Great produce, great add-on options, easy, user-friendly website where you can customize your weekly baskets. Customer service is really fantastic. It feels good to be part of a community supporting local sustainable agriculture while reaping the benefits of tasty and nutritious fruits and vegetables!  Fresh Harvest for the Win!!!” – Laura W.

Wauka Meadows Farm, Cleveland GA

#7 “I absolutely love Fresh Harvest.  They provide a service that makes eating local/organic easy and painless.  A few of my favorite points: Good variety of fruits/veggies. The ability to donate my basket to Clarkston refugees if I’m out of town. The opportunity to add additional items to my basket. The ease of the website. Their consistency – no missed deliveries. The informative but brief newsletters/customization reminders I receive, full of great recipes and storage tips. And one more note.  If you’re hung up on cost, I can say with confidence my grocery bills have gone DOWN since beginning their services.  No longer do I wander the grocery aisles picking up random items I don’t need… I’m in and out now because my list is so short. You need Fresh Harvest in your life… Sign up now.” – Emily C.

Rodgers Greens & Roots Team, Douglasville GA

#8 “It’s difficult to run a business on a roller coaster ride of income. So, having a stable income from Fresh Harvest keeps our doors open. I can pay my employees every week and we can keep going from season to season.” – Ashley Rodgers of Rodgers Greens & Roots

Crystal Organic Farm, Newborn GA

#9 “When I moved to Atlanta from California, but only saw “California” listed on all my produce from the grocery store, I knew I needed to find a CSA. But for someone who travels a lot and is only in a household of 2, I couldn’t commit to many I found. I love Fresh Harvest – it gives me the ability to have a flexible food schedule, allows me to have a reasonable amount of food with the mini box + adding other items and the food is always fresh and delicious. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to support local agriculture and lives in Atlanta.” – Katy M.

#10 “When I started getting Fresh Harvest deliveries over 6 years ago, both my doctor and I were startled to see that my cholesterol had dropped over 35 points.  This was reason enough to keep getting Fresh Harvest deliveries, but additionally I love and look forward to the wonderful mix of fruits & vegetables and I also use them for dairy and meats. I feel like they are helping me do the very best for my health and happiness.” – Susan C.

Banner Butter | Atlanta GA

#11 “Fresh Harvest is the best! You get to enjoy fresh, local foods with added convenience. Being single and traveling a bit, I can order a smaller portioned basket that fits my needs and skip deliveries easily online whenever I will be out of town. They also have such a variety of vendors that I can easily order my entire week’s groceries! I love seeing the same vendors (like Banner Butter!) I frequent at my physical farmers market on their site and knowing that I’m supporting such a thoughtful and responsible organization…I’d recommend anyone to try out FH!” – Lisa C.

#12 “Fresh Harvest is an amazing company! I am a mom of two, so having groceries delivered to my door is life-changing. Combine that with the fact that they make it so easy to support farmers and my community — it’s just a no brainer to spend my money with them rather than a big box store! I have referred about five friends and they all love it too.” – Amanda C.

#13 “Fresh Harvest was exactly what I was looking for. Getting my vegetables, fruits, farm-fresh eggs, and other staples delivered is convenient but also helps me cut down on wasteful and impulsive spending at the grocery store. I look forward to checking out what’s inside the box each week and having the option to swap things out and add other items according to my need. When it’s time for my next delivery, I feel good about reducing my negative environmental impact because with Fresh Harvest you return the bin and packaging materials for reuse, and I don’t have any plastic wrapping to throw away. The people who run Fresh Harvest truly care about the sustainability of both their business and the earth that provides us our food. They care about everyone involved in the processing chain, from the local farmers and the refugees employed to the people who come to the farms to learn about agriculture. I trust this business so much and it is a pleasure to participate in their mission.” – Sierra T.

Fresh Harvest Artisan Market | Refuge Coffee

#14 “We have been using Fresh Harvest for several years now and love it so much that we can hardly imagine living without it. We love the way it allows us to eat seasonally and support local farms, but also gives us some flexibility in what we get every week. The deliveries always come on time, the staff have been great to work with any time we’ve interacted, and they’re doing a lot to invest in a community we care about in Clarkston. And the fun events they have at their farm and in Clarkston are just an added bonus! We can’t recommend FH highly enough!” – Hace C.

Fresh Harvest Garden | Clarkston GA

#15 I have used and LOVED Fresh Harvest for over a year.  They have great local produce!  Ordering is a breeze online with no commitments. Email correspondence is easy, prompt, and personal. Any questions or concerns I have are immediately addressed by the amazing staff.  Deliveries are always on the correct day AND the frozen foods/refrigerated foods stay cold in the dead of summer.  They offer opportunities to give back to the community through your orders.  I’ve enjoyed the service so much, I’ve even put in an application for employment!  (If they treat their customers so well, employees must be too :)).  I cannot say enough good things about Fresh Harvest.  They have been such a great service I don’t even consider shopping at Whole Foods or YDFM.  Try them out!  You won’t regret it! – Melanie G.

#16 “I love Fresh Harvest with all my heart! Highly Recommend! I have been a satisfied customer for 2 years! I love the convenience of being able to customize my basket; I love the flexibility of being able to skip when I’m out of town at no extra charge; I love the “add-ons” from local artisans; I LOVE the front door delivery; I literally love everything! Delicious, fresh, high quality, local, organic produce at great prices and extreme convenience. I love how Fresh Harvest also keeps us updated with blogs and recipe ideas for new ingredients.” – Jewelz R.

Rise ‘N Shine Organic Farm | Calhoun GA

#17 “Our family loves Fresh Harvest. We’ve been using their delivery service for over a year now. The quality is reliable, and due to their commitment to lowering food waste, we often get much more than we pay for in the form of “freebies.” My children always expect me to wait until they get home to open the basket, and we’ve learned to cook and enjoy many vegetables and fruits I never would’ve bought at the supermarket.” – David G.

Woodland Gardens | Athens GA

#18 “I cannot recommend Fresh Harvest highly enough.  I have been a happy customer for about 2 1/2 years now and have referred countless friends.  Fresh Harvest has a super easy-to-use and flexible ordering platform, consistent at-home delivery of the absolute freshest and most delicious produce I’ve ever had, and sometimes include little samples or freebies of some sort of deliciousness or another..  They offer a huge range of items, all fresh and sustainably sourced.  The value that they add to the Clarkston community and Atlanta more broadly is incredible, making them an easy choice both for my household and the community.” – Monica T.

Fry Farm | Bethlehem GA

#19 “We have been customers of Fresh Harvest for over a year now, and we’ve been nothing but pleased with the products, service and experience here.  We have tried a couple of other meal services but found the portions to be too small for the price.  Additionally, there was a lot of waste from all the packaging that was used.  Fresh Harvest uses plastic bins (baskets) which are durable and can be reused.  Even the ice packs and insulation panels inside the bins can be reused.  Each week we just leave the bins and other materials out on our porch, and the delivery driver picks up everything when he leaves the new bins.  When packaging is used inside the bins, it is usually with paper bags.  If you don’t want any plastic used at all, they’re very accommodating with this as well.  We have learned about all sorts of produce and other products that we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.  It feels good to know that we are also supporting a sustainable food culture here in Georgia.  I’m sure we will continue to be customers of Fresh Harvest for years to come.” – Susan H.

Hickory Hill Farm | Carlton GA

#20 “I’ve been using Fresh harvest for a few years now and it’s changed the way I cook, shop, and eat. I make fewer trips to the grocery store and love trying out new products and sampling goods from local farmers. The fruit and veggies I get are the FRESHEST stuff and it shows up at my doorstep every week! I love supporting this group of local farmers and entrepreneurs. Customer service is great too, they are quick to alert you to changes in supply (the reality of small local farms) and will replace anything that’s not up to standard (which has never happened to me). This summer, the heirloom tomatoes and blueberries have been amazing!” – Veg M.