Whether you’re brand new to Fresh Harvest, or you’ve been around for years, here are some things that will help you take advantage of your Fresh Harvest experience!

1. Use the full customization window

The customization window runs from Tuesday at 2:00 PM (Next Week’s Harvest Email) until Friday at 2 PM on the week before your next delivery. Whatever is there at 2PM Friday will be locked in, and our farmers will start harvesting. This includes swaps, add-ons, skips, donations, and address changes! To customize, login to your account, and go to the ‘Upcoming Deliveries’ tab. Click the orange customize button, and be sure to hit “Save”

2. Take advantage of our Freshness Guarantee

Letting someone else do your shopping for you can be an adjustment. We have quality checks at three different points in our warehouse. But even still, we occasionally miss an item. If you receive something less-than-fresh, let us know at info@freshharvestga.com, and we’d love the chance to make it right.

3. Get inspired from the recipe bank

Our recipe bank has hundreds of recipes that feature seasonal ingredients. Filter by ingredient, diet, season, or meal type! Then, make the recipe yours and show us what you made by tagging @freshharvest on Instagram!

4. Control your schedule up to 6 weeks in advance

Login to your account, go to the ‘Upcoming Deliveries’ tab, and you can control your schedule for up to six weeks in advance!

5. Communicate with your driver

You have the same driver every week (with few exceptions), so leave them any instructions in the “Preferences” tab of your account. Think: shady spots, apt gate info, whether you want a knock on the door, etc. And don’t forget to change it if you move!

6. Return packaging including ice packs, foils, and bins

We reuse the bins, silver insulating foils, and ice packs to cut down on packaging waste! Just leave them out the night before your next delivery and we’ll swap them out!

7. Set up your travel schedule in advance

Got a few trips planned? Log in to your account and go to the ‘Delivery Hold’ page. Tell us the dates you’ll be gone, and we’ll hold your orders while you’re away. Set them as far in advance as you know them!

8. Know the official delivery hours

Ever wonder when your basket will come? We optimize our routes every week to account for our growing customer base, so your delivery time may shift from week to week. Our guarantee is to deliver between 6AM – 8PM for homes and 8 AM – 5PM for offices & co-ops. (If your office hours ever change for holidays, email us at info@freshharvestga.com to let us know adjusted hours!)

9. Set your bins out the night before

Since our drivers get such an early start (at their first door by 6am), it’s good to leave your empties out the night before, just in case they arrive early. If you’re in an office, you can still bring the empties and we’ll switch them out!

10. Add a la carte produce

As long as you have a basket coming, you can always add on a la carte produce! Go to the shop, and click “Produce” to add extra of items in your basket, and others that weren’t an option in your basket.

11. Add a la carte grocery items

We work with dozens of local artisans to offer items like coffee, meat, milk, bread, eggs, butter, kombucha, nut milks, teas, sauces, grains, and lots of other snacks and dry goods. Tons of vegan and gluten-free options available! Check it out at: freshharvestga.com/shop.

12. Make add-on items recurring

For any item available on the shop, you can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly on some items. Just open the dropdown before you click that “Add to Delivery” button. Set it and forget it!

13. Take advantage of ways to save

If you’re loving Fresh Harvest, but looking for some ways to save some dollars, check out our Bounty Membership, where members get 5% off every basket, and 10% off all add-on items. Or, consider starting a co-op at your office, gym, or other gathering place! Co-ops which are large enough get delivery discounts, and we will always treat our hosts right!

14. Refer your friends!

If your friends sign up and list you as their referral, they get $10 and you get $20! (Note: Referrals are processed on Mondays, so the credit may take a few days to appear, but don’t fret it will appear before your charges do!)